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Has anyone had success with CBD oil for pain & anxiety? Side effects, general experience, etc.?

My answer to Has anyone had success with CBD oil for pain & anxiety? Side effects, general experience, etc.?

Answer by Carlo Carandang:

No I have not.

Unfortunately, so called cannabis ‘experts’ are touting their opinions about the benefits of CBD for anxiety and pain, when in reality there are not enough studies to make a recommendation for it for these indications. Sure, CBD may have benefits for other indications such as psychosis, but again, these studies are just preliminary. It is premature to make any recommendations for CBD in anxiety, pain, and psychosis. The future studies on CBD will guide us for these indications.

Has anyone had success with CBD oil for pain & anxiety? Side effects, general experience, etc.?

Can anxiety disorder cause EKG/ECG abnormalities?

My answer to Can anxiety disorder cause EKG/ECG abnormalities?

Answer by Carlo Carandang:

Generally, anxiety disorders can cause tachycardia, or increased heart rate, due to the effects of the fight or flight response, which is triggered by fear and anxiety. But this is usually only episodic, and occurs when you are experiencing extreme anxiety, such as having anxiety/panic attacks. Tachycardia in itself is benign, unless it is chronic and is associated with other risk factors for heart disease, such as increased blood pressure and high cholesterol level. The cardiologist can talk to you further about this.

The only other cardiac abnormality associated with anxiety disorders is with panic disorder and mitral valve prolapse. People with panic disorder have an increased incidence of mitral valve prolapse, and is usually benign, but the research findings about the significance of this association is being questioned: (Does the association between mitral valve prolapse and panic disorder really exist?).

Please follow-up with your doctor and cardiologist. This was just meant to educate regarding the general facts about anxiety and ECG abnormalities.

Can anxiety disorder cause EKG/ECG abnormalities?

Can dissociation be permanent or is it only episodic?

My answer to Can dissociation be permanent or is it only episodic?

Answer by Carlo Carandang:

If you are talking about dissociation in the context of depersonalization or derealization, then this is something that some people experience when they have anxiety. In this context, derealization is an attempt to dissociate from the very uncomfortable feelings, emotional distress, maladaptive thoughts, and physical symptoms of anxiety. I explain this in more detail in another Quora Q&A: How can I free myself from a mix of social anxiety and severe long term depersonalization?

Therefore, dissociation associated with anxiety is a maladaptive coping skill, that actually serves to maintain the negative cycle of anxiety. Dissociation from anxiety is therefore episodic and temporary, as long as the anxiety is treated by learning more adaptive coping skills, relaxation techniques, and possible medication treatment for more severe anxiety symptoms.

For more severe dissociation, Mike King gives an excellent overview of Dissociative Disorders.

Can dissociation be permanent or is it only episodic?